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  • Always follow the instructions for accurate storage.
  • Visually examine the grinding wheels before mounting for possible harm during transit and eliminate the damaged ones.
  • Use non-reinforced cutting off wheels on fixed stationary machines.
  • Always use a safety guard which cover about one half of the grinding wheel.
  • Always switch off the power / unplug the machine before changing the wheel.
  • Use right tools supplied by the machine manufacturer for changing the wheel.
  • Always use the right wheel mounting flanges for the grinding wheels and ensure that they are undamaged, free of burrs & clean.
  • Make sure that the machine spindle speed is no higher than the operational speed, marked on the wheels.
  • Do allow fresh mounted wheels to run.
  • Use blotters between the mounting flanges and wheel sides for effective mounting of flat cutting-off wheels.

  • Don't store wheels in moist atmosphere or in uttermost temperatures.
  • Don't use non-reinforced cutting-off wheels for portable machines.
  • Don't drop portable machines / lower to the floor by the air hose or the cable. 
  • Don't hold wheels roughly.
  • Don't use a damaged wheel.
  • Don't force a wheel onto the spindle of machine.
  • Don't ever surpass the maximum operating speed, marked on the wheels.
  • Don't fasten the mounting nut / locking flange excessively.
  • Don't use incorrect, damaged, dirty or worn out mounting flanges.
  • Don't use blotters for soft mounting of the depressed-center concave wheels.